Publication Ethics

The JACET strictly adhere to the publication ethics outlined below and prohibit any malpractices regarding publication. Ethical standards for publication encourage high-quality scientific research and papers and thus very important for the development of promising and respected network of knowledge. In this regard we declare publication ethics for authors, editors, reviewers and publisher itself. 

• Duties of Authors (Taboos)

Falsification of data - Range from fabrication to deceptive reporting of findings and omission of conflicting data, or willful distortion of data, which disgrace the scientific mind and research and implant mistrust.
Plagiarism - The appropriation of ideas and works from others without giving them credit. Copying even one sentence from someone's manuscript without proper citation is considered plagiarism 
Improprieties of authorship - Improper assignment of credit, such as excluding some who contributed to the work or including some who didn't make a definite contribution.
Multiple or concurrent submissions - Submitting the same manuscript to more than one journal simultaneously, which therefore, waste the time of editors and peer reviewers, and possibly defame the journal's reputation if published in more than one. 
Redundant publications - Publishing many very similar manuscripts based on the same experiment. 
Inappropriate behavior in relation to misconduct - This includes unfounded or knowingly false accusations of misconduct, failure to report known or suspected misconduct, withholding or destruction of information relevant to a claim of misconduct and retaliation against persons involved in the allegation or investigation.

• Duties of Editors and Reviewers

The JACET has a Double-blind peer review process.
Editors and reviewers during the review process should follow the principles stated below: 

- Fair play
- Confidentiality 
- Promptness
- Contribution to the final decision
- Standards of Objective
- Acknowledgement of Source
- Disclosure and Conflicts of interest 

• Duties of the Publisher 

JACET as a respected and credible international journal, ensures that we strictly observe principles and standards on ethical matters and are strongly against any malpractices regarding publication, maintaining the integrity of the published record and publishing the most objective and unbiased information possible. We also do not allow advertising, reprint or other commercial revenue to have any influence on our publication decision as well as our journals cannot be used for personal or commercial interests.