Our journal peer review works as follows:

  1. Author submits Manuscript to the journal.

 2. Manuscript is sent to Editor

 3. Editor first reviews Manuscript to make sure it meets journal requirements.

 4. Manuscript is assigned to potential Reviewers.

 5. The peer review process in JACET is Double Blind (Reviewers can’t see the authors information) Reviewers review Manuscript within one to three months based on the following conditions:

    a. Determine the originality of the work.

    b. Comment on the validity of the science, identifying scientific errors and evaluating the design or methodology used

    c. Judge the significance by evaluating the importance of the findings

 6. Editor collects all Reviewers' comments and makes decision to accept, request revisions, or reject.

 7. If decision is a revision, Author revises Manuscript and resubmits it.

 8. Steps 5–6 are repeated as necessary until Editor makes final decision.

 9. When paper is accepted, journal publishes Manuscript.


No page charges for publications in the journal.