Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Systems
Hybridization of Facial Features and Use of Multi Modal Information for 3D Face Recognition

Nita M Thakare

Volume 6, Issue 1 , February 2020, Pages 1-8

  Despite of achieving good performance in controlled environment, the conventional 3D face recognition systems still encounter problems in handling the large variations in lighting conditions, facial expression and head pose The humans use the hybrid approach to recognize faces and therefore in this proposed ...  Read More

Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
A Detailed Exploration of Usability Statistics and Application Rating Based on Wireless Protocols

Abbas Ali Khan; Dr. Mohammad Hanif Ali; Dr. A. K. M. Fazlul Haque; Chandan Debnath; DR. Md. Ismail Jabiullah

Volume 6, Issue 1 , February 2020, Pages 9-18

  A Detailed Exploration of usability statistics and Application Rating on short-range Wireless protocols Bluetooth (IEEE 802.15.1), ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4), Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) and NFC (ISO/IEC 14443) has been performed that being representing of those prominent wireless protocols evaluating their main ...  Read More

Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Systems
A Novel Fuzzy-C Means Image Segmentation Model for MRI Brain Tumor Diagnosis

Aref Safari; Danial Barazandeh; Seyed Ali Khalegh Pour

Volume 6, Issue 1 , February 2020, Pages 19-24

  Accurate segmentation of brain tumor plays a key role in the diagnosis of brain tumor. Preset and precise diagnosis of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) brain tumor is enormously significant for medical analysis. During the last years many methods have been proposed. In this research, a novel fuzzy approach ...  Read More

Computer Networks and Distributed Systems

Bello Kontagora Nuhu; Olayemi Olaniyi; Dauda Aji Idris; Chinedu Onyema

Volume 6, Issue 1 , February 2020, Pages 25-32

  Carbon Monoxide (CO) is the most abundant air pollutant gas and accumulates rapidly to dangerous concentrations even in areas that seem to be well ventilated. Carbon monoxide detectors/alarm systems exist but people who are old, hearing impaired, partially sighted or heavy sleepers may not get the warning ...  Read More

The Kinematic Analysis Of Four Degrees Of Freedom For A Medical Robot And Control It By Labview And Arduino Mega2560 (Simulation And Implementation)

fatima ali habqa

Volume 6, Issue 1 , February 2020, Pages 33-38

  ABSRACTThis study presents the kinematic analysis of a four-degree freedom medical robotic arm using the Matlab and the robotic-tool, the arm was designed using a solid work program, As well as details of the control of the real design of this arm using Arduino Mega 2560, The specialist enters the position ...  Read More

Document Analysis And Classification Based On Passing Window


Volume 6, Issue 1 , February 2020, Pages 39-46

  In this paper we present Document analysis and classification system to segment and classify contents of Arabic document images. This system includes preprocessing, document segmentation, feature extraction and document classification. A document image is enhanced in the preprocessing by removing noise, ...  Read More