Software Engineering and Information Systems
Availability evaluation of Software architecture of object oriented Style using coloured Petri nets

Abdolghader pourali

Volume 3, Issue 1 , February 2017, Pages 1-10

  Software architecture is one of the most fundamental products in the process of software development in the areas of behavioral or non- behavioral features like availability or transformability change. There are different ways to evaluate software architecture one of which is the creation of application ...  Read More

Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
A Smart Hybrid System for Parking Space Reservation in VANET

Farhad Rad; hadi pazhokhzadeh; hamid parvin

Volume 3, Issue 1 , February 2017, Pages 11-18

  Nowadays, developed and developing countries using smart systems to solve their transportation problems. Parking guidance intelligent systems for finding an available parking space, are considered one of the architectural requirements in transportation. In this paper, we present a parking space reservation ...  Read More

Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Systems
Diagnosis of hyperlipidemia in patients based on an artificial neural network with pso algorithm

asma naeimi; minoo soltanshahi; amir rajabi

Volume 3, Issue 1 , February 2017, Pages 19-30

  One of the most common and most dangerous diseases of blood fats are such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke, heart and brain. It can control the timely diagnosis, treatment and then prevention of complications is become very effective even without using medicine. Heart disease and diabetes file if ...  Read More

Software Engineering and Information Systems
Dynamic Replication based on Firefly Algorithm in Data Grid

mehdi Sadeghzadeh

Volume 3, Issue 1 , February 2017, Pages 31-38

  In data grid, using reservation is accepted to provide scheduling and service quality. Users need to have an access to the stored data in geographical environment, which can be solved by using replication, and an action taken to reach certainty. As a result, users are directed toward the nearest version ...  Read More

Computer Architecture and Digital Systems
Offline Auto-Tuning of a PID Controller Using Extended Classifier System (XCS) Algorithm

Ehsan Abbasi; Nader Naghavi

Volume 3, Issue 1 , February 2017, Pages 41-44

  Proportional + Integral + Derivative (PID) controllers are widely used in engineering applications such that more than half of the industrial controllers are PID controllers. There are many methods for tuning the PID parameters in the literature. In this paper an intelligent technique based on eXtended ...  Read More

Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Systems
Using fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm for common lecturer timetabling among departments

hamed babaei; Jaber Karimpour; Sajjad Mavizi

Volume 3, Issue 1 , February 2017, Pages 45-64

  University course timetabling problem is one of the hard problems and it must be done for each term frequently which is an exhausting and time consuming task. The main technique in the presented approach is focused on developing and making the process of timetabling common lecturers among different departments ...  Read More