Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Department of Computer, Islamic Azad University, Salmas Branch, Salmas, Iran.

2 Department of Computer Engineering, University of Tabriz,Tabriz, Iran.


Abstract— In this paper, a new extended method of multi criteria decision making based on fuzzy-Topsis theory is introduced. fuzzy mcdm algorithm for determining the best choice among all possible choices when the data are fuzzy is also presented. Using a new index leads to procedure for choosing fuzzy ideal and negative ideal solutions directly from the fuzzy data observed this algorithm we used triangular fuzzy number. Mostly, it is not possible to gather precise data, so decision making based on these data loses its efficiency. The fuzzy theory has been used to overcome this draw back. In multi-criteria decision making, criteria can correlate with each other, most of which are ignored in classic MCDM. In this paper, correlation coefficient of fuzzy criteria has been studied to adapt the interrelation between criteria and a new algorithm is proposed to obtain decision making. Finally the efficiency of suggested method is demonstrated with an example..


Main Subjects

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