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Research Institute for Information & Communication Technology, Tehran, Iran.


Mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) are constructed by mobile nodes without access point. Since MANET has certain constraints, including power shortages, an unstable wireless environment and node mobility, more power-efficient and reliable routing protocols are needed. The OLSR protocol is an optimization of the classical link state algorithm. OLSR introduces an interesting concept, the multipoint relays (MPRs), to mitigate the message overhead during the flooding process. Although very efficient by many points, it suffers from the drawbacks of not taking into account QoS metrics such as delay or bandwidth. To overcome this pitfall, some QOLSR solutions have been designed. IN this paper, we introduce an algorithm for MPRs selection based on Battery Capacity and Link Stability. Simulation results show that our proposed protocol is able to enhance throughput and improve end-to-end delay.


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