Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of Computer Engineering, Dezful Branch, Islamic Azad University, Dezful, Iran


Recommending systems are systems that, by taking limited information from the user and features such as what the user has searched for in the past and what product they have rated, can correctly identify the user and the desired items Offer the user. The user's desired items are suggested to him through the user profile. In this research, a new method is presented to recommend the user's interests in the form of the user's personalized profile. The way to do this is to use other users' searched information in the form of a database to recommend to new users. The procedure is that we first collect a log file from the items searched by users, then we pre-process this log file to remove the data from the raw state and clean it. Then, using data weighting and using the score function, we extract the most searched items of users in the past and provide them to the user in the form of a recommendation system based on participatory filtering. Finally, we use our data using an algorithm. We optimize the cuckoo that this information can be of interest to the user. The results of this study showed 99% accuracy and 97% frequency, which can to a large extent correctly predict the user's favorite items and pages and start with the problem that is the problem of most recommender systems To confront.


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