Document Type : Original Research Paper


1 Islamic Azad university , Kerman Branch

2 Department of Energy, Institute of Science and High Technology and Environmental Sciences, Graduate University of Advanced Technology, Kerman, Iran;


Recently, many optimization algorithms have been proposed to find the best solution for complex engineering problems. These algorithms can search unknown and multidimensional spaces and find the optimal solution the shortest possible time. In this paper we present a new modified differential evolution algorithm. Optimization algorithms typically have two stages of exploration and exploitation. Exploration refers to global search and exploitation refers to local search. We used the same differential evolution (DE) algorithm. This algorithm uses a random selection of several other search agents to update the new search agent position. This makes the search agents continually have random moves in the search space, which refers to the exploration phase but there is no mechanism specifically considered for the exploitation phase in the DE algorithm. In this paper, we have added a new formula for the exploitation phase to this algorithm and named it the Balanced Differential Evolution (BDE) algorithm. We tested the performance of the proposed algorithm on standard test functions, CEC2005 Complex and Combined Test Functions. We also apply the proposed algorithm to solve some real problems to demonstrate its ability to solve constraint problems. The results showed that the proposed algorithm has a better performance and competitive performance than the new and novel optimization algorithms.


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