Document Type : Technical Note


Mechatronics , Mechanical and Electrical Engineering , Tishreen University , Lattakia , Syria


Abstract— An educational platform is presented here for the beginner students in the Simulation and Artificial Intelligence sciences. It provides with a start point of building and simulation of the manipulators, especially of 2R planar Robot. It also displays a method to replace the inverse kinematic model (IKM) of the Robot with a simpler one, by using a Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Network (MLP-NN), to make the end-effector able to track a specific path, which has a rectangular shape (in this article), and allocated in the robot's workspace. The method is based on Back-Propagation Levenberg Marquardt algorithm. This paper also suggests a good strategy for the simulation of the robot's motion in Matlab to tell the beginners how the operation could be done quite closely to the built-in Matlab functions. The control part was ignored here for the simplicity. So we can classify this paper as a manual in the robotic world.


Main Subjects

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