Document Type : Original Research Paper


Department of Computer Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj Branch, Sanandaj, Iran


Automatic image annotation is a process in which computer systems automatically assign the textual tags related with visual content to a query image. In most cases, inappropriate tags generated by the users as well as the images without any tags among the challenges available in this field have a negative effect on the query's result. In this paper, a new method is presented for automatic image annotation with the aim at improving the obtained tags, as well as reducing the effect of unrelated tags. In the proposed method, first, the initial tags are determined by extracting the low-level features of the image and using neighbor voting method. Afterwards, each initial tag is assigned by a degree based on the neighbor image features of the query image. Finally, they will be ranked based on summing the degrees of each tag and the best tags will be selected by removing the unrelated tags. The experiments conducted on the proposed method using the NUS-WIDE dataset and the commonly used evaluation metrics demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed system compared to the previous works.


Main Subjects

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