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1 Computer science & engineering, east west university, bangladesh

2 Computer science and engineering, east west university, bangladesh.

3 Dept of computer science and engineering, east west university, bangladesh.

4 dept of computer science and engineering, east west university, bangladesh.


this research explores the manipulation of biomedical big data and diseases detection using automated computing mechanisms. As efficient and cost effective way to discover disease and drug is important for a society so computer aided automated system is a must. This paper aims to understand the importance of computer aided automated system among the people. The analysis result from collected data contributes to finding an effective result that people have enough understanding and much better knowledge about big data and computer aided automated system. moreover, perspective and trustworthiness of people regarding recent advancement of computer aided technologies in biomedical science have been demonstrated in this research. however, appearance of big data in the field of medical science and manipulation of those data have been concentrated on this research. Finally suggestions have been developed for further research related to computer technology in manipulation of big data, disease detection and drug discovery.


Main Subjects

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