Document Type : Original Research Paper


Faculty of Engineering and IT, Northern University, Nowshera, KP, Pakistan


Abstract of Re-engineering of Industrial CMMI
Through this research, I have established a general strategy to appraise an organization against a scale of five process maturity levels whilst maintaining a strong mechanics of CMMI.
Reengineering of industrial CMMI proposes a novel method for Industrial Competence ranking of those organizations/companies which are targeting various CMMI levels. This approach uses SCAMPI assessment techniques to rank different organizations that fall below certain level of CMMI model. Furthermore, it adds the credulous factors, i.e., Score, Reliance and Confidence level for an organization’s capability and maturity evaluation. The benefit of proposed model is, that an organization can set its objectives to achieve target level of CMMI model, and it could be differentiated from less mature organizations at same level.
This technique not only reclassifies the CMMI levels but also exposes various confidence factors.

Index Terms— CMMI, Industrial Process Optimization, Process Engineering, Capability and Maturity Ranking, Product Quality Assurance.


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