Document Type : Review Paper


1 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Foolad Institute of Technology, Fooladshahr, Isfahan , Iran

2 Department of Software Engineering, Allame Naeini Higher Education Institute, Naein, Isfahan, Iran

3 Department of Software Engineering Pooyesh Higher Education Institute, Qom, qom, Iran


The issue of management and allocation of resources in cloud computing environments, according to the breadth of scale and modern technology implementation, is a complicated issue. Issues such as: the heterogeneity of resources, resource dependencies to each other, the dynamics of the environment, virtualization, workload diversity as well as a wide range of management objectives of cloud service providers to provide services in this environment. In this paper, first, the description of cloud computing environment and related issues have been reported. According to the performed studies, challenges such as: the absence of a comprehensive management for resources in the cloud environment, the method of predicting the resource allocation process, optimum resource allocation methods to reduce energy consumption and reducing the time to access resources and also implementation of dynamic resources allocation methods in the mobile cloud environments, have been addressed. Finally, with regard to the challenges, some recommendations to improve the process of allocation of resources in a cloud computing environment is has been proposed.


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