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On behalf of the editorial board and all of the colleagues, we are pleased to announce the launching of the first International Journal of Computer Engineering and Technology and to make it available to those who are interested in the fields of technology.

The Journal of Advances in Computer Engineering and Technology (JACET), Abbreviated as J ADV COMP ENG TECHNOL, is an international, quarterly, peer-reviewed, libre open access (), scientific research journal published in Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University that aims to disseminate achievements in original research and developments, while featuring new break-troughs in the field of Computer Engineering and Technology.

We are honored for the opportunity to do our best to provide a platform for distinguished researchers, scholars, and experts to participate in scientific exchanges with their national and international peers, and share the latest accomplishments with fellow researchers, whereby disseminating the knowledge gained from their technical endeavors.

This journal is open access and all available content and materials on it are available for free under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC BY 4.0).

At the end, we would like to use this opportunity to thank once again the respectable editorial board members, the Computer Engineering Department of Science and Research Branch, and the esteemed reviewers. We hope that our collective efforts stimulate further progress in this domain of activity with strong determination at both national and international levels.

*Publication process of manuscripts submitted to JACET is free of charge. 

Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
1. Improving the security of wireless sensor networks using Game Theory

Behzad Seif; mohammad goodarzi

Volume 7, Issue 2 , Spring 2021, Pages 61-70

  Today, the use of wireless sensor networks has become very popular in many applications. Due to the connection in wireless sensor networks, it is done wirelessly, so they are naturally insecure and prone to various types of attacks. In the past, various solutions were offered in this regard, each of ...  Read More

Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
1. P2P Network Trust Management Survey

Seyed Hossein Ahmadpanah; Rozita Jamili Oskouei; Abdullah Jafari Chashmi

Volume 3, Issue 2 , Spring 2017, , Pages 89-106

  Peer-to-peer applications (P2P) are no longer limited to home users, and start being accepted in academic and corporate environments. While file sharing and instant messaging applications are the most traditional examples, they are no longer the only ones benefiting from the potential advantages of P2P ...  Read More

Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
2. TASA: A New Task Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing

Somayeh Taherian Dehkordi; Vahid Khatibi Bardsiri

Volume 1, Issue 4 , Autumn 2015, , Pages 25-32

  Cloud computing refers to services that run in a distributed network and are accessible through common internet protocols. It merges a lot of physical resources and offers them to users as services according to service level agreement. Therefore, resource management alongside with task scheduling has ...  Read More

Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
3. Optimization Task Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing

Somayeh Taherian Dehkordi; Vahid Khatibi Bardsiri

Volume 1, Issue 3 , Summer 2015, , Pages 17-22

  Since software systems play an important role in applications more than ever, the security has become one of the most important indicators of softwares.Cloud computing refers to services that run in a distributed network and are accessible through common internet protocols. Presenting a proper scheduling ...  Read More

4. A fault tolerance routing protocol considering defined reliability and energy consumption in wireless sensor networks

Hamid Hassan Kashi; Amir Masoud Rahamni; Mehdi Hoseinzadeh; Vahid Sadatpour

Volume 1, Issue 1 , Winter 2015, , Pages 1-8

  In wireless sensor networks, optimal consumptionof energy and having maximum life time are important factors. In this article attempt has been made to send the data packets with particular reliability from the beginning based on AODV protocol. In this way two new fields add to the routing packets and ...  Read More

Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Systems
5. An Improved Imperialist Competitive Algorithm based on a new assimilation strategy

Seyed Mojtaba Saif

Volume 2, Issue 2 , Spring 2016, , Pages 23-32

  Meta-heuristic algorithms inspired by the natural processes are part of the optimization algorithms that they have been considered in recent years, such as genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization, ant colony optimization, Firefly algorithm. Recently, a new kind of evolutionary algorithm has been ...  Read More

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