Document Type: Original Research Paper


Department of Computer Engineering, Urmia Branch, Islamic Azad University, Urmia, IRAN


The detection and prevention of crime, in the past few decades, required several years of research and analysis. However, today, thanks to smart systems based on data mining techniques, it is possible to detect and prevent crime in a considerably less time. Classification and clustering-based smart techniques can classify and cluster the crime-related samples. The most important factor in the clustering technique is to find the centrality of the clusters and the distance between the samples of each cluster and the center of the cluster. The problem with clustering techniques, such as k-modes, is the failure to precisely detect the centrality of clusters. Therefore, in this paper, Elephant Herding Optimization (EHO) Algorithm and k-modes are used for clustering and detecting the crime by means of detecting the similarity of crime with each other. The proposed model consists of two basic steps: First, the cluster centrality should be detected for optimized clustering; in this regard, the EHO Algorithm is used. Second, k-modes are used to find the clusters of crimes with close similarity criteria based on distance. The proposed model was evaluated on the Community and Crime dataset consisting of 1994 samples with 128 characteristics. The results showed that purity accuracy of the proposed model is equal to 91.45% for 400 replicates.


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